Our Awesome Guest Speakers

Michelle Theall, Capturing the Moment January 7th



 Michelle Theall started her career in publishing in 1994 at Women’s Sports and Fitness magazine. Over the next 24 years, she garnered success as editor in chief of three different national titles, founder of one, and the author of three non-fiction books. Theall has spent the last 5 years as an editor and photographer at Alaska magazine, where she became enamored with the Last Frontier. This obsession led to the creation of Wild Departures, a wildlife viewing company specializing in photo and writing tours in Alaska and beyond. As an award-winning professional photographer, Theall is represented by Aurora Stock and Getty agencies, and her images have appeared in media across the globe and in private collections. 

Russ Burden, Landscape Photography, February 4th


 Russ is the owner of Russ Burden Nature Photography Safaris and Tours. He has been leading safaris, tours and workshops for over 30 years. His stock work is sold through Getty Images and often shows up in magazines and advertisements around the world. Russ is a multiple time winner of the prestigious Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Award. As a result, his images have appeared in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC numerous times. In the 2016 Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Competition Africa Division, Russ has four photos that were Honored, one that is Highly Honored and one that won the Wild Cats Portraits Division - all photos were made during his safaris. 

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Annual Potluck Dinner and Year End Photo Competition, June 2nd, No Speaker Tonight


No speaker today, just the camaraderie and friendship of your fellow photographers.  

Bring a great dish - if your last name starts with:

A - H   Main Dish/Casserole

I - P     Salads / Side Dish

Q - Z    Dessert


Submit digital entries to stvrainphoto@gmail.com and bring print entries to the meeting, Monday, May 7th.

Requirements for digital entries are the same as monthly entries.

You must be a member of SVPS to enter this competition.

NO date restrictions on photo entries. 

There will be 3 judges. Additionally, we will submit all digital entries to a PSA judge via Dropbox. She will judge the images, select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and offer written critiques. 

THEREFORE, anybody with prints, please send in digital copies along with your prints IF YOU WANT CRITIQUE from the PSA judge.

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention in each category. Best of Show will also be awarded. 

Entries (one per category for total of 6 images) may be either color or monochrome, digital or print. 

Photo entries must not have been submitted for a previous SVPS Annual Competition. 

We encourage members to submit at least half of their entries in print form, but this is not a requirement.

Members may submit 1 print or digital for any of the 12 categories, not exceeding a total of 6 entries.

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