Our Awesome Guest Speakers

Michael Lohr, Infra-Red Photography, January 8th

We are pleased that Michael has joined our society over a year ago.  He is a Colorado based photographer who's passion lies in nature, landscape, astro-photography and timelapse .  What started as just as a hobby, soon became a lifestyle leading him on new adventures and a constant drive to improve his photography skills.  You can follow him on his adventures on http://www.lohrphoto.com/

 Members have greatly benefited from his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge.

During tonight's presentation, Michael will explain the techniques of this unique form of photography -- shooting with an Infra-Red Camera.

Kenneth Wajda, Urban / Public Photography, February 5th

A professional photographer for 30 years, Kenneth started in the business as a photojournalist for a New Jersey newspaper, The Times of Trenton.  He still works commercially and considers himself a storyteller with a camera and a time traveler.  

Kenneth is not interested only in technically perfect images, but ones with heart, and emotion--a story to tell. He shoots with both digital and film (35mm, 120, and up to 4×5″).


His  presentation will cover street photography, which is essentially documentary photography in public places, and the documentary photo project he created, Roy Stryker.  Ken will go into the hows and whys of photographing strangers and shooting life in public.  And what to do with them after you've created them.

John Kieffer: Photographic Portrait of Boulder, March 5th

“Beyond Nature” is my favorite subject because it’s helpful for so many kinds of photography, from nature and travel to social media.  I think all levels of photographers will leave with very practical techniques for any style of camera, from DSLR to your smart phone.  

I begin with my favorite concepts for quickly improving your nature photography, but evolve into adding man-made objects and ultimately, people. 

John Kieffer has been a professional photographer and writer for over 25 years and has lived in Boulder even longer.  He’s the author of 5 books on photography. John’s 6th book: “Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait,” is out May 2018. John leads photo workshops and private photo tours in Colorado and Utah. His varied commercial experiences range from the studio to adventure sports and include editorial and corporate assignments.

Josh Hardin: Shooting for Magazine Cover Photographs, April 2nd

Joshua Hardin is the Photo Editor of Colorado Life Magazine, a publication showcasing the state's nature, outdoor adventure, history and colorful characters since 2012. He also photo edits for Utah Life Magazine which premiered this March. 

Josh will be giving tips about what it takes to have editorial work published in regional magazines such as Colorado Life, covering everything from covers to portrait to recipe photography.

A native of Loveland, Josh grew up practicing photography while hiking throughout the Rocky Mountains. He published a retrospective of his favorite landscape and wildlife photos from across the state called Classic Colorado, has worked as staff photographer for Regis University in Denver and as a photography instructor for the Digital Workshop Center in Fort Collins. Additionally, his work has appeared in The Denver Post, Wild West Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Colorado Press Association and The Center for Fine Art Photography.

Ed MacKerrow: Salmon Seekers - Coastal Alaskan Bears, May 7th

Please join nature photographer Ed MacKerrow on a photographic journey with the bears and other wildlife of Coastal Alaska.

Salmon are the lifeblood of Alaska. Many species depend on the return of the salmon each year. Symbiotic inter-species relationships form in salmon choked rivers. This presentation will focus on these relationships.

A discussion of the places visited, man’s impact on the bears, bear behavior, and

photography tips will follow the multimedia presentation. 

Ed MacKerrow, Ph.D. is a scientist who researches complex adaptive social systems, a professional nature photographer, and a wilderness explorer. His award winning images of nature have been published in magazines and journals. 

He serves on the boards of scientific societies and the Bosque del Apache.

Annual Potluck Dinner and Year End Photo Competition, June 2nd, No Speaker Tonight

No speaker today, just the camaraderie and friendship of your fellow photographers.  

Bring a great dish - if your last name starts with:

A - H   Main Dish/Casserole

I - P     Salads / Side Dish

Q - Z    Dessert


Submit digital entries to stvrainphoto@gmail.com and bring print entries to the meeting, Monday, May 7th.

Requirements for digital entries are the same as monthly entries.

You must be a member of SVPS to enter this competition.

NO date restrictions on photo entries. 

There will be 3 judges. Additionally, we will submit all digital entries to a PSA judge via Dropbox. She will judge the images, select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and offer written critiques. 

THEREFORE, anybody with prints, please send in digital copies along with your prints IF YOU WANT CRITIQUE from the PSA judge.

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention in each category. Best of Show will also be awarded. 

Entries (one per category for total of 6 images) may be either color or monochrome, digital or print. 

Photo entries must not have been submitted for a previous SVPS Annual Competition. 

We encourage members to submit at least half of their entries in print form, but this is not a requirement.

Members may submit 1 print or digital for any of the 12 categories, not exceeding a total of 6 entries.

Cary Wolfson: iPhoneography, Sept. 10th

Cary Wolfson is best known to the world as the award-winning producer of the Blues From the Red Rooster Lounge radio show, but he is also an accomplished visual artist, using digital photography as his medium. His images have received countless awards in monthly and year-end competitions at Boulder’s Flatirons Photo Club, as well as honors from the Louisville Art Association National Photography Competition and numerous juried selections. His photos have been hung at the Dairy Center for the Arts, Dona Laurita Gallery, Rembrandt Yard, KGNU studio, Boulder Digital Arts, Facebook (Cary Wolfson PhotoGraphic Arts), Instagram (mrwolfo) and at banks, libraries, town halls and restaurants around Boulder. He was invited to contribute to two Italian Facebook pages: “Welcome to Italy” and “Salento Holiday Advisor.” He’s also a Lightroom coach and teaches photography classes at Common Ground on the Hill summer music and arts program in Maryland.

Always interested in digital photo manipulation, Cary gradually got into mobile photography and now figures he uses his iPhone for about 80% of what he shoots. He will be showing the evolution of his process, starting in Provincetown, Mass., and ending in the south of Italy; and how he works with several different iPhone and iPad apps (there are hundreds!). Depending on time, he’ll briefly review the use of a few of his favorite apps, which would include Brushstroke, Distressed FX, Stackables, AvgCamPro and iColorama. You can bring your phone and follow along using Cary’s go-to, all-purpose app, the free and awesome Snapseed, which is also available for Android.

Marc Morris: The Science of Today’s Optics - A discussion on modern lens design, Oct 1st

In short it is a discussion on modern lens design. We’ll be talking about how the demands of digital changed photographic lens design and, further, how today’s high resolution sensors continue that paradigm shift. We’ll go over autofocus and its foibles, stabilization and its importance, how to read MTF charts at a glance (further enabling understanding such sites as DxO and Olaf) while also putting those charts in their place when considering a lens’s actual use in the real world. Bokeh, crop factor equivalence, transmission… the hope is that you’ll have a better understanding of lenses not just as angles of coverage and depth of field but also as crafted tools in and of themselves… and how that craft can affect the nuance of your work.

 21 year veteran of the photo imaging industry, I started as a custom color and chem tech in a film lab and learned color theory through Kodak’s Q-lab curriculum before ever owning a camera. After accidentally breaking (and therefore purchasing) the first camera I ever borrowed, I was hooked. Jewelry, weddings and portraits graduated to skateboarding and the Winter X Games. I have been in the field since 2008 and worked for Olympus and Sony before finally joining forces with Tamron, where I get to play with all the glass… something that makes my inner nerd very happy. Landmarks I’m proud of: I’ve sold cameras to a Beatle, been technical advisor to no less than a dozen Pulitzer prize winning photographers, am currently one of the instructors for the National Parks Night Skies photographic workshop series… and I was there with 15 others in the Rainbow Room when the birth of the modern mirrorless camera genre was announced by Panasonic; during which I became the first person in the world to shoot a panoramic of the New York City skyline with a mirrorless camera. From analog to binary, I’m a lifer and it’s a good thing my kids are nerds, too: they have a lot to put up with!

Ellen Nelson: Cowboys, Horses & Shooting Oncoming Subjects, Dec. 3rd

How do you photograph something that is coming right at you – rather than ducking to get out of the way? Professional photographer Ellen Nelson will present: Cowboys, Horses & Shooting Oncoming Subjects to show you how. She will focus on techniques to create good composition with constantly moving subjects, explain the proper camera settings for successful shots when the subject is racing toward you, and how to take advantage of photo opportunities to get amazing shots.

 Ellen Nelson has been a professional photographer most of her life. When she was a teen, she earned money by photographing the neighborhood children, printing the images in her basement darkroom and then selling them to the parents. She has worked as a university photographer, photojournalist, portrait photographer and freelance photographer, shooting for TimeMs., and numerous Colorado magazines and newspapers. Ellen’s photos have been used in advertisements worldwide and in numerous books and publications. Her Florida Scrub-Jay photo was selected as a 2017 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100. When asked what her favorite subject is to photograph, Ellen answers, “Anything that moves!” She is currently exhibiting in five galleries in Colorado and will be conducting two Cowboys, Horses and Wildlife workshops in Montana in 2019. Contact her at ellen@ellennelson.com or www.ellennelson.com.