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Learn More, Get Better

The SVPS offers  opportunities for photographers of all skills and interests to improve their knowledge and skills.   Each month brings exciting speakers, fun field trips, and photo "Challenges" for our members to participate, share and learn.


Stay Current on New Trends and Tips

The world of digital photography is changing rapidly thanks to new technology (like drones), advanced equipment, and creative photographers.  We dig deep into what's happening in the world of photography, including landscape, wildlife, portrait, sports, and adventure. Bring your own ideas and help educate the club to the "latest and greatest".


Enjoy New Friends and New Opportunities!

Your photography journey is more fun when you are surrounded by like-minded friends.  We are passionate about photography and photographers. Join our community of fun-seeking friends to learn and explore, or enroll in PSA , take an online training course or study group and participate in inter-club or national competitions. The choice is yours as a member of SVPS!

Come Visit Us

St. Vrain Photographic Society - March 2018 Meeting


As you can see, we love our cameras!  Come visit us and have some fun.  We'll save you a seat for our next meeting at the

First Congregational Church of Christ,  1500 9th Ave, Longmont, CO 80501   See you then!