Field Trips, Workshops, Exhibitions

Sandhill Crane Workshop

DATE:  March 23 - 25

LOCATION:  Del Norte, Colorado

CONTACT:  Marion Worrell . 

COST:  $425 . Click below for more information

Salmon Seekers -- Bears and Wildlife of Coastal Alaska

DATE: Saturday,  May 5th, 2018

LOCATION:  First Congregational Church of Christ, Longmont, CO


COST:  $5.00 at the door

Longmont Artists' Guild - SVPS Members Show

DATE:  JUNE 6 - 10TH

LOCATION: Boulder County Fairgrounds

CONTACT: Susan Stevens

COST: $40 to participate. 

Butterfly Pavillon

Sunday, March 25

Contact Cliff if you would like to attend.

Ranger Guided Photo Hike

 Saturday, March 17 at 8 AM - 11 AM 

Hall Ranch Lyons

Sloan’s Lake/ Downtown Denver with Moonrise

 April 28, contact Cliff for more info